What’s next for Overdrive?

So last year was a shit year for me and Overdrive when this happened.

Now that the dust has settled and I had some time for myself to reflect, I came to the conclusion that much rather than abandon the show I should re-invent it, and eliminate the assholes that sucked the fun out of making a show for the car enthusiasts.

The aim is to have total control of the creative concept leaving no space for sponsor interference. The old Overdrive should end right there and then.

What is the fucking point of driving the same cars over and over again and talking about the same tech which is being reused and re-badged by all the brands?

The best episodes are the ones which focus on the historical line of a vehicle. These episodes were mini documentaries outlining the heritage of the vehicles and people loved them. Why? Because new cars have no soul. They are just comfy couches that take us from point a to point b. Trying to make a road-test as appealing as possible with the sponsors constantly interfering with the story board and script is a fucking nightmare.

With this is mind I decided to start working on a concept, re-inventing Overdrive and expressing my passion and love for cars through the lens.

What is this project?

I have been toying with the idea to create a classic car show for the past 3 years. Now I think its about fucking time I get the ball rolling and work on pre-production. My idea is to have features on cool and rare classics on the island, car clubs, mini documentaries on history’s most influential cars, and perhaps even work on some restorations.

But hey don’t get you pants drenched quiet yet!

A project of this proportion requires partners and sponsors, and, through experience, they are as rare as unicorns when it comes to non TV programmes.

Now is the time for you guys, the fans, to support us and this project and get the buzz going. Who knows you might trigger interests by companies and get the project off the ground.

Here… let me re-post the teaser trailer from 3 years ago which was really a testament to my true intentions for the show.