Conceived by the minds behind The Some Guys One Mic Show, and presented by Matthew Cesareo (Gadgets Malta, and SGOM) alongside Mark Ellul (Wicked Comics, and SGOM), this show will be revolved purely around cars, and the passion for motorsport. The team will be taking an artistic approach at filming to best represent the beauty of the vehicles, and give local viewers the motoring show they deserve.

We also partnered up with local talent Jane Doe, to bring you some of the best local music to accompany the eye watering shots, immersing you in our motoring experience. We are building a relationship with local automotive entities, and car clubs, to focus on the love between man and car directly from the source, rather than from corporations, in a bid to provide an honest and unbiased view from the industry.

We are working hard at providing you with the best motoring entertainment. We are merely an indie group, with big ambitions, and we seek, to above all,  share our passion by entertaining you.