I See You: The Review

Took me a while to get back behind the keyboard, but hey I just upgraded the server and the entire backend of the website, so why the fuck not? The latest movie that I watched was Netflix’s I See You which was tagged as a horror, when in actuality is more of a phycological thriller. The film revolves around a family in the suburbs passing through a difficult time after the wife was caught cheating and during this difficult time strange things happen in their home which tests their sanity. During the course of the movie the husband, who is a cop, is investigating a child abduction which seems to be the work of a predator who operated in the past who was thought to be behind bars.

The filming and direction are both solid, with some amazing direction of photography and sound engineering. The tense feel is projected so well that the film manages to keep you on edge from start to finish. The narrative and story are stellar with great performances all round to back them up. There is very little that I could complain about, cause I enjoyed every single second of the movie. I was gripped and compelled and seriously didn’t see the end coming. The story simply evolves in a layered way and progresses to a complex entanglement of stories that simply keeps you stuck to the TV.

It’s been a long time since I watched and enjoyed such a movie, and I have to admit I would have given this a pass if it wasn’t for the suggestion of a close friend. I suggest you give this title a go for the sake of great entertainment but do so without your smartphone at hand cause you really need to give this movie the attention it deserves to properly immerse yourself in the narrative.

Rating: 8.5/10