Some of the best tattoo parlours on the Island

Tattoos have become the norm in today’s society, and even though Malta is a severely reserved country, we can see the local inked society grow by the day.

It is a pity that Malta is still miles behind in terms of acceptance. We made great social advances in terms of LGBTIQ rights, and the education policy seems to be adapting to the changing lifestyles, however, we still see anti-tattoo discrimination on work places. For Christ’s sake there is a legislation still in force pertaining to the abolition of  the promotion of tattoos. Yeah 2018 in an EU member state and we still have laws from the middle ages.

Any who…

The sudden desire of the Maltese to get inked has inevitably opened the doors to a wave of parlours popping up here and there. Whilst some parlours are renowned for their amazing work on an international level, others are simple self thought entrepreneurs who are in it for the money.

I have put up a list of the leading parlors and artists around the island who have been tried and tested (if not by myself, by close friends).

P.S. There is no particular order for these mentions.

1. Skinlabel

Located in Paola, Skinlabel has been a well established parlour locally and has grown to what I can only describe as an amazing community. Award winning artist, owner and founder Matthew Agius has been turning heads with his creations for a very long time, but he invested heavily in various resident artists who are growing within his establishment and making a name for them selves. Once you visit the place you can rest assured you can find an artist to suit every possible style, be it realism, neo-traditional, water color, traditional, and dot-work. The hygiene standards are high as fuck as are the ink and equipment quality.

The artists there: Matthew Agius, Steve-O, Shawn Grech, Sarah Mifsud, Leo Ellul, and Daniela Farrugia among others.

Other Services: Barber Room, & Merchandise.

2. Corazon Tattoo

The reasonably new establishment is helmed by Irish artist Paul O-Rourke. The guy is phenomenal and has some of the craziest looking neo-traditional tattoos as well a 3D effect creations. Paul set up shop initially in Ireland but relocated to Malta back in 2016. He caters to a vast variety of styles, however he does have a unique touch to his work which really sets his creations apart.

The artist there: Paul O’Rourke

3. Oddity

Another reasonably new parlor which has been churning out amazing work ever since opening its doors, is, Oddity. Located in Ghaxaq, and run by Martin Gafa and Rebecca Bonaci, the parlor caters for a vast variety of styles, however their traditional and dot work is unmatched.  To add to this place awesomeness, the artists also customise helmets, skate boards, and specialise in pin striping.

The artists there: Martin Gafa and Rebecca Bonaci.

Other Services: Pinstriping and customisations.

4. Guy Lee tattoo

Another popular studio on the Island is Guy Lee Tattoo. Artist and founder, Guy Lee, moved from Spain to start his own parlour in Malta back in 2011. Located in Mellieha, this studio is unique in every way. The artists focus on the spiritual side of tattooing, giving meaning to their every piece. The styles they specialise in, include, dot work, traditional, and neo-traditional.

The artists here: Guy Lee, Sean Gamil, Dria, and Glenn

Other Services: Merchandise.

5. Kri8or tattoo

Chris Ormond has a long experience in the field and he did one of my very first tattoos. His dark and gothic style is simply fantastic, and his attention to detail on his realism pieces is ridiculous. His studio is located in Sliema and as far as I know he is the only artist operating there.

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