Zynga’s luck turns sour

Renowned developer and publisher, Zynga, which has been capitalizing on the huge success of their online facebook titles Mafia wars and Farmville, might be heading down the road of demise after the large work place complaints revealed to the press. The company has been trying to expand and merge with several other digital distribution companies, but failed to close the deal due to the increasing concerns for the company's working conditions. Several current and ex- employees have been complaining about the severe working conditions with several journalists sparking concern about what happens between the company's walls. The common greivances from these employees included long ardious hours, stressfull and unreachable deadlines, and abusive managers. The CEO looked into these accusations, and demanded employee feedback, and he was asthaunded by the large number of complaints issued by the employees against the company. This sittuation has been causing large greif for the company, which has been down on luck in finalising merger deals. In fact Popcap refused to sell their company earlier this year to Zynga for a whopping $950M, and opted for EA's $750M bid due to these concerns, and lately Angry Bird's developer Rovio turned down their $2.25 B acquisition offer for this same reason.The company will have to set things right, and fast, before it destroys the company's future, the same way it did for Infinity Ward.