Xbox One DRM Removed

Microsoft's decisions with the Xbox One DRM have been taken badly by the public ever since they were announced earlier this year. They have been the butt of several jokes, and Sony also made use of this as a strategy at the E3 to make the PS4 more appealing. But it seems now that Microsoft have had enough, and in a bid to undo most of the damage they themselves did, they have removed the DRM features from the Xbox One making it a better contestant against the PS4 in the next gen race. You can now buy used games, rent and lend games, and the console will not need an active internet connection to play offline games.

During an interview, Corporate Vice President Mark Whitten stated that due to the reversal of the DRM, some of the features of the console had to be scrapped, such as;

  • Sharing you game with up to nine household members
  • Taking your games to your friends house and playing them without disc, just by logging in,
  • and not using a game disc to play the game in certain occasions.