Whose fault is it? Honestly!!

If you’re into gaming, you’ll notice that most of the reviewers didn’t give out a positive feedback on the latest games. Whose fault is it? Could it be that we gamers are expecting a lot from developers nowadays? Or is it that game developers are completely losing interest in what they’re actually delivering. In my opinion, nowadays,

developers just couldn’t be arsed about delivering a game that actually gives goose bumps to the players. The major problem nowadays is marketing, marketing, and marketing!!!

I still remember playing space invaders when I was around 8 years old. Those 8 bit looked pretty damn amazing, and after that, I started playing Jungle Jim, which was still an 8 bit game but the concept was completely different. Should I keep going? Desert Strike came out and rocked my world, Lemmings, Worms, Street Fighter, and Lotus Esprit Turbo challenge. Oh my God!!! Those were good times.

Nowadays, games come into 6 categories.

  • God of War category
  • Need For Speed category
  • Tekken category
  • FIFA category
  • GTA category
  • Call of Duty category

Why? Why is it that developers are so bloody bored in creating their own gameplay mechanics, storyline, or concept? Is that so bloody difficult? If I had their salary, I’d probably come up with a naked dude holding a huge war-hammer driving around in his shocking pink Lamborghini breaking every limb that comes up in front of him, andyou will agree that it is more creative than the rest of the games available. I beleive that this is why gamers are so excited to play games like Infamous, Dead Space, Assassin’s Creed and other games that are different, in their own way. I still have an ounce of faith that sometime in the near future there’s going to be a gamers’ revolution, were bored gamers will turn into hipsters ans start playing hopscotch in the streets, or snakes and ladders in their homes.

Dear developers, hear our cry! Wake up and start delivering some good games instead of milking other developers’ ideas. Take us back to the time where it was fun sitting in front of our TV’s and PC’s just for the sake of having fun Put the game back in gaming!


All those anti social gamers around the world

Written by Benjamin P