Welcome Back programme goes live

SCEA and SCEE have launched the Welcome Back programme this morning, but since there is an overwhelming amount of people downloading from the server you might encounter a lot of errors. Some of these errors will delete the option to download the games, but fear not you can simply access them through another page, simply follow the steps below to redeem your prizes;

  • Go to the Playstation Network icon on you PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Portable XMB
  • Log in and click on Account Management > Transaction Management > Services List
  • In this page click on PlayStation Network Promotions
  • The choose either “PS3 Free Games” or “PSP Free Games” according to your needs and choose “Select Content”

If you would like to see the what games and terms and conditions the Welcome Back programme has to offer simply click here. We suggest you do not access your gifts until Monday since the server is flooded.