The Walking Dead Season 2: Review

I have tried to review every single episode of both the Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, but mid way through the process, I noticed that no reviewer can really judge a game without experience it through its entirety. Last week I played the last chapter in the second season of Telltale’s the Walking Dead, and I was left literally speechless; and here’s why.

Throughout the entire season, the storyline introduced new characters, and the narration evolved to bring us the perspective from the physically weaker Clementine. I was sceptic at first, at how the game would play out through her eyes, but to be honest the newer dynamic, gave the game a new feel, and better immersion into the world on the undead. The challenges faced by Clementine, and the hard decision to be taken, gave the viewer a feeling of helplessness, and a darker view of the world.

The new dynamic and the surprises represented throughout the season, were fantastic. There is a striking contrast between this season and the first one, and the world seems to have gone to shit, with you stuck amidst this chaos with people you aren’t sure you can trust. There are several main decisions to be taken across all chapters, which critically change the story line, and the progress of the game. The season finale also has an epic ending which dramatically varies the evolution of the storyline. You have several ways the story could end, and where Clementine ends up; meaning that Season 3 will be very different for several players, which in turn increases the re-playability value of the game.

I must admit that the characters introduced in the season are a bit uninteresting, but it allows the heroine’s character shine; and there were more than one, spectacular moment in the game, which simply trumps on this negative aspect. The soundtrack is also as fantastic as ever, setting the perfect mood for the game, and the visuals simply does the comic book series justice.


I can keep saying how awesome the game is, and how much I enjoyed playing the series, but that would bore the living crap out of you. What I’m gonna say right now, is, that the Walking Dead Season 2, was yet another testament to Telltale’s skills; a gift to all the fans of the first season, who can’t get enough of the game.

Yes some people might still feel that the first season was better, but that might just be that the element of surprise and the excitement of something new has died after the introduction to the game. But to me, greatness still awaits, and there is still more epicness to come, and a reason to keep longing for more from this team.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10