Valve and Xi3 reveal mini PC

Valve together with Xi3 have announced a Steam-Based mini PC optimized for computer gameplay on large screen HDTVs. The tiny grapefruit sized device is being showcased at the Las Vegas CES conferences, but little or no specs have been revealed at this stage. The device is based on Xi3's X7a performance series and will be able to run both Steam and its Big Picture mode, which allows users to play any Steam content on large screen HDTVs. The system can access thousands of titles through the built in system which exceeds the capabilities of the current consoles in the market.

The only confirmed specs/features are the following;

  • Built in 1 TB HDD
  • Both the CPU and Ram are upgradable
  • Ethernet port
  • Line in/out
  • HDMI Out
  • SPDIF optical audio out
  • Four USB 3.0 ports and Four USB 2.0 ports with one of them dedicated solely to the keyboard input
  • Four eSATA ports
  • Two Mini Display Port ports

The release date and price are still pretty much unknown, but they will be revealed n the coming month.