Unlock your Motorola with a tattoo

Do you ever feel like unlocking your phone with your finger is way too mainstream? Fear not, Motorola have just unveiled a very unusual system to unlock your smart phone.

The company joined Vivalnk to create a digital tattoo, which can be applied to a user’s skin, which¬†unlocks the phone with a single tap using NFC technology. The skin tag is currently only compatible with the Moto X, but we might see this technology used (and hopefully improved) by other brands. Even though the skin tag is water and sweat resistant, it can only be worn on your body for roughly five days, before having to dispose of it.

Vivalink is set to release them on market in packs of 10, for roughly $10 (approx. 7.50 euros), which will basically give you a 50 day usage time window.

Personally I don’t really see the appeal, and would rather save the money on a phone upgrade rather than something of this sort.


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