Uncharted 3: The Review

I’m going to start this off my review by admitting that this is the hardest review I ever had to write, there are no words to describe the awesomeness and epic badassary of this game. It comes as a shock to me that I ran out of words, and that I was actually astounded by the marvel that is Uncharted 3 beyond belief. I can’t say that I wasn’t hyped, or thought that this title wouldn’t be as good as the previous installments in the Uncharted series, but this specific title sets itself apart from any other game, movie, or any other means of entertainment we have now days.

Plot: This title, like all the other titles in the franchise, is an extremely story driven, with a very complex and elaborate story that progresses and evolves in an unimaginable way. Because of this I shall keep this part of the review short, sweet, and vague for the sake of your enjoyment. Drake and Sully follow the steps of both Sir. Frances Drake and T.E. Lawrence in a bid to unravel the hidden mysteries which were lost in time. The game shines a light on Drake’s childhood and his first encounter with Sully 20 years before the current events. Both Drake and a vicious millionaire want to achieve the same goal, but even though he's outnumbered and lacks resources, Drake manages to prove to be a tough nut to crack, and his determination and devotion keep him and his team going. I really can’t divulge any more information without spoiling the game, so just go and buy the game if you want to know more.

Audio & Video: What can I say; the Audio quality, soundtrack, and voice acting in this game are unreal, and unmatched by any game in this current generation. The quality is optimum, and sound effects of the environment and weapons are surreal. The visual characteristics of the game are ridiculous; I really have never seen a better looking game. The attention to sheer detail is so unbelievable that one specific chapter located on a cruise liner, can never be played twice and look the same, as the weather and ocean are fully rendered in real time rather than using a conventional super-imposed clips. It’s this kind of stuff that sets Naughty Dog aside from any other developer in the industry, and give you guys a hint of how detailed the visuals of the game are. The environments and textures are unbelievable, and the attention to both historical detail and visual characteristic is something to take your pants off to. The characters stumble and get effected by objects scattered in the environment, the clothes and accessories adapt to the weather changes and movements. The rendering of the ocean, sand, and fire, are spectacular, managing to take video games to a whole new level, you can't even tell between cut scenes and actual Gameplay.

Gameplay: The Gameplay mechanics are the same as the previous installments, with a larger focus on the puzzles and environment exploration. The game feels smoother and I don’t know how but they also managed to make the bond between the user and the character deeper. I mean when the character is exhausted in the heat of the desert, and you let him stand without moving, he actually falls to the ground to catch a breath and it takes that extra effort to get him off the ground and moving again. The pacing of the game is superb; after adrenaline pumping action that exhausts Drake, you too feel the pressure and frustration to get to a point where you can catch your breath, and when Drake actually rests, you too feel relieved too. I would be lying if I didn’t say that the game has aiming issues, but it’s simply overshadowed by the rest of amazing feelings rushing through me.

Overall Experience: You might think this is a fanboyistic review, or that I’m drunk or high, but the truth is that I rarely enjoy games as much as I enjoyed this one, and for all the people you follow my reviews, know what I am talking about. Uncharted 3 actually turned me into a 12 year old girl at a Justin Beiber concert. This game is a pinnacle to gaming, it's something other developers should look up to and try to implement the same characteristics to their titles, so they too can make their audience feel as awesome as I feel right now. This game has managed to set itself apart from any other genre, from its own franchise, and from any type of entertainment means. After finishing the game you can’t help but admire all the hard work, love, and passion the developers put into this title to make it what it is.

Overall Rating: 20/10

Written By Matthew C.