Total War: Rome 2 Coming September 3

Sega have announced that Total War: Rome 2 will be marching to the shelves in both digital and physical formats this September the 3rd. With this official release date, pre orders are now available, and any user purchasing the pre-order from participating retailers will get the first DLC package for free. The Greek States Culture Pack will include three new factions, Sparta, Athens, and Epirus, each one with its own exclusive missions, buildings, and units.

Sega also announced that a limited edition version of the game (only 22,000 available) will be available via Sega Store for $154 (as opposed to $59 for the normal version). The Limited edition will include the following;

  • Leather Style Case
  • Numbered copy of the game etched on a steel-book case
  • A Tabula Board Game, and Tesserae Dice
  • A Punic Wars Card Deck for the Total War Card Game
  • Canvas Map
  • and a siege catapult (Onager)