Toshiba unveil Glasses free 3D TV

Toshiba wowed the public back in January at the CES conferences when they teased the public with their glasses free 3D TV. The TV itself was still in beta phase and the effect was a a bit shoddy when compared with the stereoscopic sets available on the market at the time. During this year's IFA conferences, which proved to be phenomenal, Toshiba captivated the press' and the public's interested when they unveiled the ZL2 LED TV. This 55 inch monster boasts a spectacular high resolution panel, sporting a 4096 x 2160 pixel grid, yes that's right this is the first set to have 4 times the resolution of a 1080p set. The CEVo engine, incorporated in the set, will process Low resolution and 1080p pictures and upscaled them at a 4x rate using the latest in upscaling and smoothing technologies. Unlike the Nintendo 3Ds, the 3D effect is created using face recognition technology able to track the user (even multiple users at varied angles) and render the picture in the best possible way without distortion or noise. The set also has a built in internet browser and application launcher similar to what Panasonic revealed in CES, meaning you will be able to launch Facebook on a 4K pixel display. The price has not been officially revealed but this giant will hit the shelves this December.