THQ Auction Results

After THQ bankruptcy, it was previously announced that all their assets will be sold during an Auction which was held earlier this week. During this Auction their major franchises and subsidiaries were sold of to several publishers, and the results of this auction are as follows;

  • Sega acquired Relic Entertainment (Company of Heroes)
  • Ubisoft acquired THQ Montreal (1666 and Underdog) and also the license for SouthPark: The stick of Truth.
  • Take Two Interactive acquired the title Evolve which is currently being developed by Turtle Rock Studios.
  • Koch Media acquired Violation Inc (Saint Row) and the Metro Franchise.
  • and lastly Crytek acquired the Homefront Franchise.

All employees forming part of the teams in the assets sold will be offered a job under the new owner, although the companies are still to confirm if any restructuring to their project will lead to potential layoffs. Assets not included in auction will remain part of the Chapter 11 case, and hence all members of any entity which didn't form part of the auction is laid off.