The Wolf Among Us E1 Review

Telltale have delivered an amazing experience last year by bringing us The Walking Dead series, and with Willingham’s Fables adaptation starting off this year, I simply couldn’t control my joy or keep my pants on. I’ve been meaning to write this article for quite some time, but I have been thinking whether to review this chapter or wait for the whole season to be over and judge it as a whole, but god damn it, I have to talk about it with someone, and my dog doesn’t really give a crap, so you’ll have to suffer through my drivel.

In The Wolf Among Us you get to play as Bigby, the Big Bad Wolf, who is the sheriff in the town where characters from the Fable World found refuge from each other. I shall not be divulging any more information regarding the story or premise, as just like The Walking Dead, the story is the key of this experience, which is solid, and well written, and the choices given in the game simply make you express the emotions you feel during the specific situation, making the story extremely immersive and addictive.

The gameplay mechanics are similar to The Walking Dead. You participate in an interactive movie, and the story is shaped by the decisions and actions you take. The quick time events feel tweaked and a bit faster paced when compared to Telltale’s previous titles. The visuals of the game are simply stunning. I think this is the best looking cell-shaded game I have ever played, It looks and feels like you are actually in a comic book. The soundtrack is great and the voice acting is also quite good. The game gives out a New York based gritty cop show feel to it, and I was just hooked to the game and loved the premise.

I have to admit that I am an avid fan of Telltale, and had no doubt The Wolf Among Us would be an awesome title, but I never expected an awesome experience of this magnitude. The sheer beauty of the visuals bring to life the comic and the characters, and the immersive storyline and narration simply blend well together and create what I can only describe as an epic start to an amazing series.

Written By Matthew C