The Walking Dead: The Review

With the comic book and TV series receiving very positive feedback from the public, it seemed like a game adaptation for The Walking Dead was only a matter of time. Unfortunately Game adaptations of popular movies or TV series tend to be as bad as a salmon flavored soft drink. Telltale were clever enough to opt for a separate storyline independent of the other franchises, giving them the liberty to play around with the story, and offer a new interpretation of the comic book.

Plot: This title is similar to Heavy Rain, depending on the actions you take and decisions you make, the storyline will be altered, giving way to several different scenarios. This means that with such a story driven title I will not be divulging any information regarding the story line other that it’s the best written title I have ever played.

Audio and Video: The visuals of this title have a graphic novel feel to them, emphasizing the origins of the original story, further bringing to life Kirkman’s work. The stylization fits perfectly and eases the stress and panic of some of the sequences, improving in the long run the entertainment value and aiding in focusing on the storyline and characters. The sound is superb and the title has a well balanced soundtrack which blends amazingly well with each and every action or sequence. The soundtrack fits so well that it manages to bring out the feel of the game and give it a unique vibe. The voice actors did a great job too, aiding in the overall experience and realism of the title.

Gameplay: The Walking Dead is an amalgamation of Heavy Rain, and Broken Sword, with a dollop of Zombies thrown in. The point and click mechanics alongside the quick time events are fantastic. With such a vast archive of items you can interact with you won’t get bored walking around exploring the environment, and for a point and click title, that says a lot. The game is written so well that you feel like you are actually living the life of the character, and when you reach the point where the bond between you and the characters is at its strongest, the QTEs will provide a new dimension of immersion, which made me feel more and more like I am in the current situation. There are several mechanics in the game which require a great deal of thinking ahead, which is why I think I felt so immersed in it.

Personal Experience: I waited for all the episodes to be available before purchasing the bundle, which in my opinion ruined the ‘cliff hanger’ effect between one episode and the other, but in all honesty this game was an amazing surprise. It has been a very long time since I was so immersed in the story so thoroughly. I really felt like I was the character in the game, and really bonded with the other characters and took decisions I would actually take in real life. There were even instances were I got actually pissed off or even cried (manly tears) because of something which happened in the game! The Walking Dead is one of the best written and developed games I have ever played in my entire life, and is easily a top contender for game of the year 2012.

Overall Rating: 10/10

Written By Matthew C.