The Walking Dead Season 2

Acclaimed development studio Telltale Games have finally revealed the second season of their multiple Game of the Year 2012 award winner, The Walking Dead. The game is set to hit the digital shelves later this year and will span across five episdes, some of which will be released early 2014.

*Spoiler Alert* anyone who did not play through the first season should avoid reading below.

The second season will see the user playing as Clementine herself after being left to fend for herself after the events of the first season. The game will have a different dynamic, as Clementine is physically weaker than the previous character which makes it tougher for her to outwit the zombies. The gameplay mechanics will still be the same with the storyline molding according to the decision you take, and the game will look as stunning as ever.

The PC and Mac versions are available for preorder as of today via Steam or through Telltale's website,. All users pre ordering the season will be given a 10% discount, which brings the price down from $25 to $22.49. Telltale games also revealed that late this November they will be releasing the Game of the Year edition of the first season which will include all the episodes from the first season and the 400 Days DLC for the price of $29.