The Walking Dead S02E02 Impressions

With Infamous Second son looming on the horizon, I found myself with nothing new to play, but thankfully enough The Walking Dead: A House Divided slowly made it’s way to the EU PSN. Season 2 launched recently and put users in Clementine’s shoes, which gave users a different perspective to what they were used to. I must admit that I wasn’t blown away by the premier of the second season, but I had fun playing it and still had high hopes for the rest of the season.

People who haven’t played this episode should probably steer away from this article due to spoilers.

As I expected the story is much better in A house Divided, and Clementine is a bit more likable as a character, maybe because her dialogue is not as whiny or maybe her encounters give way to her mature side. With the new group on the move, the main story of the game is set in a different environments and users will be happy to find a couple of surprises during their travels. One of the surprises is the introduction of a character which we already met in 400 days, and I am not entirely sure how many of you noticed or will notice. The dynamic of the story changes a lot as the narration progresses, and the big choices made in the game are really important ones and hard to say the least. They really bring out the user’s character and perception of the repercussions of their decisions. The pacing of the game is surprisingly good, and the action sequences are tense and well written. I particularly enjoyed the fantastic environment design displayed in the game, and all the new characters introduced.

The soundtrack of the game and general audio aspect of the game are still superb and consistent with the rest of the series. The biggest flaw of the whole series which is found in each and every episode, is the shoddy frame rate, which in this episode is more evident and persistent throughout the entire episode. The problem tends to be worst when a cut-scene loads up or an action sequence starts, which is all the more annoying.

All in all I was quite impressed with how the story evolved in this episode, and I was very pleased with the surprises, which managed to get me really immersed. The setting of the game and the smooth introduction to what is to be expected in the coming episode was fantastically put together. Yet again, Telltale managed to put a smile on my face and a story to ponder about in my head.

Impression Rating: 9.5/10