The RedEye System Review

The RedEye brand is fairly new to the electronics market and almost no one recognizes it as a brand. This week I had the chance to get my hands on this clever device that is set to revolutionize the world of centralised remote control systems, and boy was I in for a wicked ride.

First things first, the RedEye system will control any electronic device which has a basic IR receiver. This means that any electronic system that has a standard infrared remote control can be bypassed using the RedEye system,which virtually include all, TVs, cable boxes, satelite systems, dreambox, Sky, Hifi equipment, DVD players, VCRs, and much much more. Nowadays all families have at least four remote controls in the living room, and the only available universal control units on the market are the universal remotes which cost a lot, are large in size, and are over complicated to setup and use. The RedEye system on the other hand is much more sleek and versetile, turning all iOS and Android products into a universal digital control unit. The system consists of two parts, one being the intangable mobile application (iOS or Android), and the other a tangable interface device. The application is free to download from iTunes and works with all iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad models running iPhone OS 3.0 or higher. The Android application is currently in beta testing and is available as a free download from the Thinkflood website. The interesting thing about this device is that more than one smartphone can be paired to the system allowing every member of the family to have a personal remote control. One minor negative aspect of this system is the setup, which is a bit time consuming and unless you are a tech savy person you will find hard to manage, but after that is out of the way the GUI is pretty simple to use. The other negative aspect, is that the system was based around the iPhone, and thus the dock that comes with the system is an iPhone dock which is only compatible with all the iPhone, iPod, and iTouch models (excluding the iPad). Personally i would rather have had the system with a USB port to charge any type of smartphone and tablet, but that being said the Android application was announced not long ago so RedEye might release another version of the system compatible with Android phones.

I personally feel that this device is an amazing solution for eliminating piles of remotes and cumbersome universal systems in a very cool and clever way. As I said before the tangable interface device is small and comes with an iphone dock making it look sleek amongst the devices in your living room, and the whole system is pretty cool to show off to people. The Award winning RedEye System has turned around the way you control your digital world, allowing a further expansion of the implemetation of smartphones in our everyday life.

Full specifications and price can be found here.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Written by Matthew C
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