The PS Vita: First Impressions

As we are closing in on the launch of this highly anticipated addition to the Playstation family, we couldn’t help but give our first-hand opinions after getting a chance to test the device out. As a fan of portable gaming, this device was deemed to be a necessity for Sony to regain some of the portable gaming market Nintendo has been hoarding with their Ds series. 3Ds sales have been picking up, but there is still the need of a hard core platform, a device that can harness the next gen visuals for the portables, and it seems that Sony have just hit the bull’s-eye with the PS Vita.

In terms of design, the Vita clearly bares the aesthetical charm and characteristics all PS products have. The Vita is surprisingly light, but the material does not feel cheap as I expected, it’s rather sturdy. The buttons and analogue feedback is spot on, and the addition of the secondary analogue stick made a word of difference, I still can’t understand the reluctance in adding it in the previous models. The interface is different and hard to get used to for people used to the PS XMB, but once you navigate around the stuff, you get familiarized with the look, and you quickly find several advantages.

Looking at the gaming performance I got a chance of trying out Wipeout, Lumines, and Uncharted, which are my top three favorites of the platform. I started off by hitting the tracks with Wipeout, at first I was a bit disappointed by the long loading time, but once the game started I understood why. The visuals are monumental; I was left amazed by how much power that tiny thing harnessed. Wipeout looked awesome in those pristine quality visuals, and the controls were spot on, the controls flow so smoothly that it felt like I have been playing with this console forever. I went along to try Uncharted, and to be honest I didn’t know what to expect, I wasn’t sure how a fully fledged Uncharted title would run on a portable and how having Bend studios working on it will affect the title. Regardless I tested it out, and boy was I amazed. I never expected to see development studios achieve such a high standard of visuals running on such a tiny console. The game controls feel a bit weird at first and I wasn’t a fan of all the touch screen mechanics, I mean it feels like I am cheating by using the touch screen, it doesn’t quite fit in the Uncharted series. But this might just be me; I haven’t warmed up to the touch screen craze and still feel more at ease using the analogues. Anyway I left Lumines for last, I was extra eager to test it out, and once I launched it I was left stunned. The visuals are astounding, the developer used the monumental power of the Vita to add more depth to the visualss and better lighting to the game, and to make this title awesomer they made a brilliant soundtrack which just adds to the entertainment value of this came. The only problem I had with the Vita was the rear touch screen (again this might just be me) which felt like a useless extra for games, and I still don’t quite understand the concept of it.

I had mixed feelings about the Vita at first, but to be honest this is a monumental step forward in the portable gaming world, and with the amalgamation of all the Sony Consoles and media peripherals, the Sony brand keeps on becoming stronger and stronger offering their loyal clients better experiences. It is a stepping stone for gaming all together and I’m still astounded at how fast we are progressing and how vast the entertainment world has become. This platform is truly a masterpiece, and for those of you still unsure about whether or not to purchase the Vita, do it now!