The Next XBOX Reveal Event

Microsoft have announced that the Media Event for the Next Xbox reveal will be held this May the 21st at 10.00 AM PST, and will be held in the Xbox Campus in Redmond. Like the Playstation Media Event, the conference will focus on the key features of the system and the services it will offer as a gaming, TV, and entertainment system. Microsoft will be expanding with a full blow out reveal detailing everything that has to do with the console, including the blockbuster titles lined up for it, 19 days later during the E3 conferences.

The countdown timer in our local time (Malta) can be found at the bottom of the page. For a Countdown timer in your local time kindly follow this link.

We shall be hosting the livestream and will make the video player available in the Some Guys One Mic Video Section at a date closer to the event.