The Next Gen Consoles

Earlier last week several gaming forums and gaming websites published rumors regarding the next gen Xbox. The rumors stated that the next installment in the Xbox family is set to launch in the 2012 holiday season, with the following specs;

  • Hex-Core CPU
  • 2GB DDR3
  • and a Dual AMD GPU with an unspecified amount of RAM

Today we just found out from sources within three of the major developers in the industry, that Microsoft have handed out early devkits made from off the shelve components matching the specs of the upcoming console. These devkits are aimed for developers to start working on their next gen engines and start lining up introduction titles that will launch alongside it. The sources have not confirmed that the rumored specs are the real ones, but they all hinted that their deadline is set for Christmas season 2012. Microsoft might just showcase the beta product at the next CES conferences, and have a full blown out reveal in the 2012 edition of E3. But Microsoft might not be the only ones playing this game, as very reliable sources within Sony have confirmed that one of the leading developer under Sony's ownership has stopped developing games for the PS3, and has already starting working on their launch title for the next gen console. The source also revealed that other exclusive developers within Sony's stronghold will commence work on their next gen project soon, aiming for the same Christmas 2012 deadline. Sony will not let Microsoft take the lead this time so it is plausible to see a head to head launch of these two systems. Till now this is the only news we have on both systems, but in due time as the conferences start to approach and the New Year arrives, we might just have some few reveals that ill blow our minds.