The aftermath of Christmas

The holidays are fucking finally over. The time to overeat, overspend, and overdrink with the excuse that it happens just once a year.

I am lucky enough that my kids are surrounded with people who love them and they both received a shit load of toys. This means that the ‘older’ toys have become redundant really quickly, but at least the charities will benefit from this. Nothing that isn’t waste should go to waste.

Not that I am an athletic person, but I feel like this Christmas I really ate excessively. I mean for fuck’s sake I just bought a pair of jeans which cannot be buttoned. WHY?!

Following this year’s Christmas I have gone from Buddy the elf to the Grinch. Christmas has become all about the money. How much money you spend to make the people around you happy. I don’t want to sound like an asshole, but its the truth.

Society has turned a holiday supposedly based on love and family into a bukake-fest of spending. You throw parties, you drink, you eat out, you go on holiday, and buy gifts. It’s just the way it is. The price of stuff goes up (with an extra mark up around the holidays) whilst our pay remains the same year after year.

You spend and spend and spend without any control or option. As a parent I also feel the need not to let my kids feel left out, which is an extra burden shared by all parents and guardians alike. You buy the latest toys and clothes, and send to to all the events and parties their friends go. But hey, at least they enjoy themselves.

Same goes for your wife/husband/partner. After spending most of your life with this person (or in some places animal) you end up not knowing what the fuck to buy. Lets face it, you have mothers/fathers days, birthdays, valentines, anniversary, the first time you tried anal, etc. So you basically bought your better half almost everything. You want to show this person you love him/her/it without giving away the feeling of exhaustion and mental breakdown.

Then there it the New years. People ask ‘hey man what are you doing this NYE?’, to which I respond with a maniacal laugh as I walk off into the mist as I fart loudly.

NYE has become just noise at this point in my life. Just another shitty day to endure in exhaustion. Didn’t even bother going out, just Netflixed the night till I slept (which was around 11pm bdw).

Now it’s January the second. I have put on an extra 8kg and gone up a couple of sizes. I feel exhausted, my bank account is drained, and I really don’t feel like putting away the tonne of decorations I’ve put up.

That being said I do enjoy seeing my kids happy which makes the sacrifice worth it. If they are happy, I guess I am happy.