Taking off the childhood goggles

Everyone remembers the first console that he or she laid eyes upon, the day when the parents or the uncle buys him or her that console, and no one ever forgets the first game played in the prime of their gaming lives. Our mind tends to go back to that age, that time in our lives when games seemed realistic and where mouthwateringly fantastic even though they were rendered in 16 bit graphics, and no game in this day and age will make us feel as awesome and almighty as those games. But is it because those games were actually good, or is it because we where in our tender youth discovering the world of gaming?
All you hear nowadays is people and reviewers complaining about this generation of gaming not being good as the golden era, and they are not fun enough, and so on so forth. I actually think that some times we have our childhood goggles on, and our vision is clouded by the feeling of awesome we got from the video games back in the day, but its not because they were good, but because we never gave a damn about graphics, the DTS sound, the sound tracks, or the multiplayer mode, all we did back then was sit in our filthy uniforms after school and get mesmerized by the bright colors and the guts flying at you (please note not all games had guts flying at you). The reason i'm saying this is because sometimes we do not give games a chance especially platformers, cause all we can do is compare them to Crash Bandicoot or Spyro (before Activision raped both of them), when they are every single bit as good (if not better). Take Crash Bandicoot for example, the same name behind the series (back in the PSX era) gave us Jack and Daxter, and the ones behind Spyro gave us Ratchet and Clank, both titles are every bit as fun and awesome as their predecessors, and they were just a stepping stone to something great.

So what say you remove those childhood goggles and give these games a fighting chance before chopping their head off and drawing to conclusions.

By Matthew C.