Steam Controller

Slowly but surely Valve are taking over living rooms around the world, and their next step in this conquest was the reveal of their new peripheral, the Steam Controller. Last week Valve announced the SteamOS which will be a key element of bringing Steam to the user's living rooms where a keyboard and mouse setup simple doesn't work, hence the decision of entering the controller market.

Unlike the standard controllers we are used to, the dual analog stick have been replaced with very precise concave trackpads aiming on low latency performance. The trackpads' resolution matches the desktop mouse's resolution, and allows the user to access a new spectrum of control over the frequency, amplitude, and direction of movement. The controller features a high resolution touch screen in the center of the controller which works as a track pad sensor and a clickable interface. Every time the user makes use of this screen, the controls will be over-layed on the TV screen for the user not to be distracted off the TV.

This peripheral will be available for use with any PC, and an early beta version will be shipped out later this year, and will not be wireless nor will feature the center touchscreen. Valve are yet to reveal the release date and the price tag.