Sorcery back from the dead

After its first reveal back during the 2010 E3 conferences, Sorcery vanished from the scene, never to be heard of again until just now. This PS Move enabled Harry Potter style game has been in development hell for the past year or so, as they gave the game a face-lift and tweaked with control system to improve the experience. Don't worry the premise has been unchanged, you will still get to be the geeky magician taking on some evil queen with magical powers. The game isn't solely focused on the move controller, so we might just see the possibility for a version of the game which can be controlled via analog, but this is just speculation. The controls aren't simplistic 'point and click' firing, but rather focus on hand gestures to activate magic spells for heavy attacks or to complete an ingame puzzle, and throwing gestures to launch lightning bolts for quick attacks. There will be eight different heavy attack magic spells which can be selected via the D-pad on the navigation controller, or selected via the pre-set gestures. As a cool immersive feature, the lightning bolts can also take a curved trajectory so that you can bend them around corners or launch them over covers. We can certainly confirm that the game has not been canned, and it looks like these guys are hard at work at giving gamers great entertainment value and top notch quality. We look forward to getting our hands on this game which is set to launch early spring 2012.