Sony reveal the CLED

Sony have just unveiled a brand new LED display called the CLED at this year' CES, just days after announcing the discontinuation of Sony OLEDs. The Crystal LED has over 6 million light emitting diodes (a RGB 1080p display uses 2 million pixels as a native resolution and each pixel is composed by 3 sub pixels in red, green and blue). The display 's Crystal LEDs use their own casing as the screen (unlike conventional OLEDs and LEDs which have several layers in front of the LEDs), improving the overall sharpness, contrast, and overall efficiency. Like all LED-technology displays, this is a self illuminating screen with extremely deep black levels and very low response times. This LED also boasts an unmatched viewing angle which left onlookers at the CES astounded. The display is still in prototype phase but we should see their implementation in the very near future.