Sony E3 Conference Overview

This year's E3 conferences have been very important, due to the industry's largest gaming companies showing off their brand new consoles. We got to see a lot of titles and learned more about both consoles, and also so some impressive tech being used by several developers in the industry.

Following the Microsoft Press Conference, Sony had to bring their biggest guns to the table. The first aspect to be tackled by Sony was the only item not addressed during the reveal, which is the design, and people finally caught a glimpse of the console (which can be seen here). The design strikes some resemblance to the Xbox One, yet it is more refined and less cumbersome in comparison.

Sony showed off several third party and first party titles during the conference, and perhaps the most intriguing title showed was the upcoming exclusive IP by Ready At Dawn, The Order 1888. SCE also showed a couple of games which were revealed during the PS4 Event, showing off the progress of these games and also giving an better look at the gameplay. Killzone Shadowfall, Knack, and Drive Club were amongst them, and were also confirmed to be launch titles.

The Gaikai cloud service was announced to be operational in 2014, and it was also announced that PS+ users can transfer their accounts to the Playstation 4, amalgamating the Playstation 3, Vita, and Playstation 4 platform under one premium service. After the show ende it was confirmed that the PS4 will be released with a built in 500GB HDD. Online Multiplayer will no longer be free, and will require users to subscribe to Playstation Plus.

Following the uproar caused by Microsoft's DRM decisions, and the need to having their consoles connected to the internet at least once a day, Sony announced that they fully support the used games market. Sony will allow the user to buy used games, sell their games, and lend their games to people, something which is currently not allowed by the Xbox One. The console will also not be dependent on internet connectivity, and in fact the console may never be connected to the internet, if the user wishes to do so, without jeopardizing it. The Sony Playstation 4 will also be region free whilst the Xbox One will be region locked. The last nail in the coffin was the reveal that the Playstation 4 will be retailing for a whopping $399 (€399 /