Sony Acquire Sucker Punch

Sony Computer Entertainment America is proud to announce that the brilliant development team behind Infamous, Sucker Punch is now officially part of Sony Corp. Sucker Punch was founded early in 1997 by three ex Microsoft employees, who opened their head quarters down in Seattle across the street from Redmond-based Microsoft building. Sucker Punch have always kept ha very close relationship with Sony and delivered some of the best key franchises for the Playstation platform. The development team now forms part of an elite collection of internal gaming studios under Sony's wings, including Zipper, Santa Monica Studios, Bend Studios, Team ICO and Naughty Dog. Sucker Punch released their first critically acclaimed game franchise in 2009 with Sly Cooper for the PS2, and is now behind the Infamous series which had stirred up quite some attention from both critics and the gaming community.