Sony 3D visor gets a release date

In the last edition of CES Sony showed off the HMZ-T1 3D visor which was greatly received by the press. This gadget is set to revolutionize the world of 3D and 2D entertainment as we know and will take gaming to a whole other level. This device is equipped with two 1280 x 720 OLED HD screens mounted in front of each eye displaying a virtual 750 inch screen (equivalent of average IMAX theater) at a 20 meter distance. Each panel will display a separate picture to create the true stereoscopic 3D picture with no cross-talk what so ever. The panels also have a lens in front of each one allowing a 45 degree viewing angle, which also helps eliminate all picture noise and distortion. The visor sports the latest technology 5.1 virtual surround sound speakers with the best True HD processor on the market, for the ultimate Audio experience. The HMZ-T1 visor will hit the shelves in Japan on the 11th November and will retail at 60,000 yen (approximately 550 Euros) and will be available for people over the age of 15. This device is one of the most amazing and clever devices introduced in the market, and all users will be able to enjoy top of the range quality entertainment from their sofa.

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