Smart Gloves teach piano and Braille

Learning to read Braille or play the piano, are notoriously difficult, but researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology, have been testing a new technology aimed at making these tasks easier.

The development team have designed two different sets of smart gloves, which teach the users two different skills. The first is the Mobile Music Touch glove which speeds up the process of learning to play a piano melody. The process is based on passive haptic learning (PHL). The repetitive buzz from the glove creates a muscle memory that enables a wearer to learn to play a song with far less practice.

The second smart glove, on the other hand, can teach the users Braille typing, and stenography. Each finger will have an in-built vibrating motor located at the knuckle. The motors will buzz to tell the users to press the corresponding key, and the system tells you which letter they are typing.

Nearly 40 million people worldwide are blind, but because Braille lessons are widely neglected in schools, only 10 per cent of those who are blind managed to learn the language. Thanks to these new smart gloves, blind people could read 70 per cent of a phrase written in Braille phrase, and even type perfectly, after just four hours of usage.

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