Smart Cat Feeder revealed

Cat lovers, meet Bistro, a cat food dispenser that uses facial recognition technology to give pre-determined amount of kibble to the appropriate cat.

Sometimes if you have more than one cat, you risk a daily battle at the food bowls. But thanks to facial recognition, you can monitor multiple cats, and keep track of their eating habits. The smart feeder can also monitor your cat’s health by tracking appetite and weight change.

Bistro includes load sensors embedded in the device along with a weighing scale, a camera that can live stream cats’ meals, and the Bistro application. Thanks to this application you can monitor you cats’ diet history, and obtain a health analysis report. After this you can receive immediate notification of any change to your pets’ health status that you need to know about.

Bistro is also a social network that connects you with other cat owners, and lets you to create a profile of your pet with his picture and feeding history.

Stay tuned with your Kitty!

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