Sly Cooper Movie Revealed

Hollywood's Blockade Entertainment have already confirmed working on both Heavenly Sword and Ratchet & Clank Movie adaptations earlier last year, and with so many exclusive franchises in Sony's portfolio to choose from, the production company couldn't help but sink their teeth in an adaptation for the Sly Cooper franchise. Rainmaker Entertainment will be taking care of the CGI work, whilst Blockade will be working closely with Sucker Punch Studios (creators of the series) with regards to creative guidance. The team confirmed that the focus of the film will be the dynamic trio from the series; Sly, Bentley, and the Murray, with an appearance by Carmelita. With regards to the villain/s, Blockade opted to keep it under tight wraps for the time being. Unlike the cell shaded visuals of the game series, the film will be an amalgamation of Film noir and graphic novels styles, which would best suit such a project without ruining the true roots of the series. The movie is set to hit the theaters sometime in 2016, and here is the first teaser of the project.