Skyrim Record Sales

2011 is fast becoming the ultimate year for gaming, with several titles breaking sales records in such a confined timeframe and heavy competition.The latest addition to the incredible sales numbers is Skyrim, which sold over 3.4 million copies (not including digital sales) in its first two days of launch. The majority of copies sold where on Xbox 360, around 60% to be exact, followed by the PS3 version with 27% of the sales, and lastly the PC version with approximately 13% (not including digital sales). The incredible thing is that with only two days of sales it managed to beat a week's sales of major AAA titles, which for an RPG is amazing, almost unbelievable. Skyrim has managed to sell more copies than Gears of War 3 and Fifa Soccer 12 in the first week, and nearly as much as Battlefield 3. The only title who managed to beat these numbers, is without a doubt Modern Warfare 3.