SEGA announce restructure

Gaming veteran SEGA has officially announced their plans to cut costs after revealing a whopping loss of 7.1billion Yen for their fiscal year ending March 2012. Sega decided to restructure the organization to best fit the changing markets in both the US and Europe in a bid to make up for the losses in the following financial year. Sega will be implementing the following changes to their operation in the EU and US;

  • Streamlining the work force.
  • Reduce the number of titles released per fiscal year, by skimming the less popular franchises and weakest IPs.
  • and also cut costs and allowances on expenses on game software to be developed and which is currently on market.

Hopefully their efforts will be rewarded this coming fiscal year, and we hope that we will not see the demise of one of the predominant figures in the history of gaming.

30th Marrch 2012