Season 05 Episode 08

A new Milestone for The Some Guys One Mic Show with this episode officially being our 50th episode! Unlike the previous one, this episode contains traces of Gozitan, and we welcome a new member of the show, Demis Farrugia.
Several topics are discussed following an interesting news segment, mainly the Nintendo Situation, Xbox One Speculation, and Multiplayer Sections in Games. In the all mighty ‘What’cha been playin’?!’ segment Matt discusses Knack and Need for Speed Rivals, Jacob mentions a crown and a Dragon thingy, Demis discusses Contrast, and Cesco encounters rape in GTA V. The guys introduce a new Segment to the show called ‘The Bounty Hunter Segment’ which is hosted by Demis, and will be followed up next week with a written version.

The theme song for this season has been brought to you courtesy of Loathe.