SCEA/SuperBot rumoured title

A rumor has surfaced the net that exclusive SCEA developer, SuperBot, are working on a cool new fighting game featuring the most popular Playstation mascots of all time. SCEA and SuperBot have yet to comment about the rumor, but a picture of sweet tooth in rendering stage has also surfaced the net, making this news more plausable than you might think. The Smash Bros. style game is set to include the following characters;

  • Kratos (from God of War),
  • Sly Cooper (from Sly Cooper),
  • Nathan Drake (from Uncharted),
  • Parappa the Rappa (from Parappa the Rapper),
  • Sweet Tooth (from Twisted Metal),
  • Colonel Mael Radec (from Killzone) and
  • Fat Princess (from Fat Princess)
  • an undisclosed 007 character
The gameis also rumored feature locations/stages from Hot Shots Golf, Jak and Dexter, Little Planet and Buzz. SuperBot have also released some adverts looking for game designers with background experience in fighting games, and the latest 'Michael' advert by Sony might have just been a teaser of what's to come.