Rumor: Neo-Geo Portable

Rumors have surfaced the internet surrounding the re-release the portable version of the 90's classic Neo-Geo Console. SNK have yet to confirm these rumors, but a Japanese blog has even released some specs, a full line up, and also photos of the prototype device. The specifications are as follows;

  • Single analog stick,
  • D-Pad and four shoulder buttons,
  • 4.3″ screen,
  • 2 GB of internal storage,
  • and an SD card slot.

The full line-up of games leaked are;

  • Metal Slug,
  • Magical Lord,
  • Baseball Stars Professional,
  • Samurai Shodown,
  • King of Fighters '94,
  • World Heroes,
  • Ultimate 11,
  • Top Player's Golf,
  • Sengoku,
  • Nam-1975,
  • Mutation Nation,
  • Last Resort,
  • King of Monsters,
  • Frenzy,
  • Cyber Lip,
  • Fatal Fury Special,
  • Art of Fighting,
  • Super Sidekicks,
  • League Bowling,
  • and Fatal Fury.

Below you can see the images of the minimalistic portable console which still manages to hold the charm of it's 90's predecessor. The sleek and simplistic design resembles the iPhone 4 shell, but it looks rather flimsy. SNK have not commented on these rumors and the price, release dates, the manufacturer, or the full specs and availability are still to be released.