Rome II: Total War Announced

Sega, alongside Creative Assembly have officially announced Rome 2: Total War which will be set in Carthage, and will be heading for the PC late next year. The title boast a new graphics engine which allows the rendering or both particle and deferred lighting. The camera has also been reinvented with cool new features being added to allow a better view of your units and also giving the user spectacular cinematic views of the battles. The environment is bigger than the prequel in geographical scale, and battles are fought on huge environments, and to accommodate the larger scale a top down view have been added also. The A.I. of the unit has been given been reactiveness to their surrounding and each soldier will react to what is happening near them, such as their comrades being slaughtered. A new feature to be included also, is the integration of both naval and land battles within the-same conflict, which will give way to naval invasions. The larger campaign map allows more and more regions to be conquered in several new and intuitive ways, and as your armies grow in number, you will ultimately have to decide whether to be a Roman Dictator or to favor your republic.