Rockband Malta Night is back!!!!

RockBand Malta Night is back on Wednesday, 20th of July, at DeNiro's Bar in Bugibba after 20:00. Same rules apply, Everyone over 18 is invited so if you want to take part and show off your skills or just plainly want to have fun, pop by at DeNiro's Bar. Having fun is our top priority!

For those who are interested, here are some specific details for the event:

  • The latest RockBand engine will be used for the event, RockBand 3
  • The game will be played on a PlayStation 3 console connected to a projector and sounds system
  • Syncing Audio & Video is already being taken care of, the system will be calibrated perfectlyThe game will feature over 900 songs which will feature:
  • Almost all RockBand 1 songs (licencing issues)
  • Almost all RockBand 2 songs (licencing issues)
  • All Lego RockBand songs
  • All RockBand 3 songs
  • All Green Day RockBand songs
  • Loads of Downloadable Content
  • The game will feature a total of 4 different instruments with a total of 5 players (2x Microphones) playing simultaneously
  • All difficulties are accepted for every instrument from easy beginners to expert players, hence any easy player can play with a Medium, Hard or/and Expert player/s
  • Although score for each individual player and band overall will be shown, there will be no consequences
  • No Fail Mode will be turned on, hence no one can fail a song

All Songs can be found here

Map is found below:

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