Resident Evil Revelations on Consoles

Capcom have confirmed today that the 3Ds title from the popular zombie franchise, Resident Evil Revelations shall be ported for the PS3, PC, WiiU, and Xbox 360. The title will get improved visuals and sound to cater for the more powerful console, alongside tweaking to the lighting and controls. Capcom also announced that this ported version will included some added content, including, a new enemy, and an added difficulty mode for the hard core market. The co-op Raid mode will also get new weapons, new skills, and new playable characters. Resident Evil Revelations will hit the shelves for all the platforms detailed this May the 21st in North America and 3 days later in the other regions. Digital version of the titles will be available on launch for the PS3 and PC versions, the Xbox 360 and WiiU digital versions are yet to be announced.