Remember Me: The Review

First revealed in 2011 under the name Adrift, Dontnod Entertainment failed to secure a publisher ready to back Remember Me, marking the future of the game an uncertainty. Having a female protagonist as the main character put off potential publishers, and it took a whole year for Capcom to pick up the title as publisher. The game was quickly renamed ‘Remember Me’, and Capcom made a huge effort of marketing the title to create a buzz surrounding it. I was one of those people who immediately were intrigued by the title since it was originally shown at Gamescom in 2011. The complexity behind the games’s concept and the beautiful environment designs were enough for me to get Remember Me on my to watch list.

Audio and Video

This game is visually stunning, and I loved every design aspect. The environments are presented really well, and the setting is simply astounding. I cannot stress how well the environments look; it’s like a mix between the visuals of Mirror’s Edge and Blade Runner, which simply paints a great picture of Neo Paris. Character design is good, although some characters had really weird facial attributes, but then again its not much of a issue since most of the time you are mostly focused on Nilin’s beautifully proportioned behind… *ahem*. The sound is above average, with the surround effects being the best aspect. Voice acting is a bit off, and some characters have overly dramatic voices, which at times seems ridiculously funny.


A lot of critics didn’t enjoy the gameplay of Remember Me as much as I did. In all honesty, I found the gameplay mechanics to be fantastically addictive. After playing through the first 4 episodes I was hooked, and simply couldn’t have enough. Imagine having the platforming sequences of Uncharted combined with the beat em’ up gameplay from a good fighting title and a couple of puzzles thrown in for good measure. You collect XP with the combos you manage to chain, combos being customizable by the player, down to the reward gained from each successful button chained in the combo. For example you can have a 3 button combo with the second button replenishing your health bar, and the third one decreasing the cooling down period you have to endure when you use a special move. Remember Me also has Memory remixing sequences, which will allow Nilin to modify a character’s memory. The remixes are complex and with so many outcomes, they tend to be challenging but fun to play through.

Personal Experience

The story of this game really lacks that oomph, but the gameplay and visuals more than make up for it. I also love how they depicted Paris in 2084, most of the city looking like a crap hole made up of mostly assholes, exactly how it is now, just worse. I really had a blast playing through the game, and I don’t know why but I really got that retro feel when playing Remember Me. I was playing a game true to its nature, actually having fun playing it, unlike just sitting through an interactive movie. I would recommend this game to any gamer looking for a different experience, with addictive gameplay that simply helps you blow some steam off. Remember Me really is a breast of fresh ass.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Written By Matthew C