Razer’s Project Fiona

Renowned gaming peripheral developer Razer, has just unveiled a prototype for their upcoming Windows 8 gaming tablet that will revolutionize portable gaming and destroy the gaming tablet market as we know it. The concept is code named 'Project Fiona', and is set to play full PC titles on the 10″ device which can be controlled through analog controls unlike anything we've ever seen. Razer announced that Project Fiona will retail for under $1000 and will run Windows 8 as it's natve OS. The current specs., which are subject to change, are as follows;

  • 10.1″ touch screen with 1024×768-pixel resolution,
  • Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7 processor,
  • Accelerometer and Gyro sensor,
  • Solid-state drive (of unknown space),
  • Wi-fi capabilities as standard and possibly a 3G version,
  • USB peripheral compatibility,
  • Analog controls on both sides,
  • Battery life matching that of an average laptop.

During the CES conferences, Razer also showcased the prototype running HAWX 2 and also Company of Heroes, and onlookers where amazed at the smoothness and overall performance of the device. It is still unknown when the device will be launched to the public.

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