Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault

As Ratchet & Clank are getting closer and closer to celebrate their tenth year anniversary, the creators of the series have issued an announcement to all of the fans of the dynamic duo around the world, and yes it is the next installment in the mighty series. Ratchet & Clank: Full frontal Assault will see the return of the classic gameplay mechanics, with the addition of some cool and new strategy elements which will set this title apart from the rest of the series. The title will sport a new tower defense element, where the user will have to protect his base using his arsenal against the waves of enemies. Set on three planets, the title will see the duo alongside Captain Qwark facing a new nemesis and his army, and the title will allow the user to play with either of the three characters to bring him down. The title allows for co-operative gameplay, and allows users to complete the story line with the help of their buddies either through split screen mode or via internet. Insomniac also confirmed that the game will have a new and immersive online mode, but they failed to reveal it, stating that they will be revealing all the details closer to it's release. The game is set to hit the shelves this fall, so until then R&C fans have to make due with R&C Collection.