Ratchet and Clank a Crack in Time Review

After a long list of platform games throughout history one name, actually two, stand out on the PS3, and they are Ratchet and Clank. The series has a lot to live up to, especially after the long list of Playstation exclusive platformers, which in time vanished, or sold their soul to a milking publisher after Sony failed to license them under their name. This is the third title in the series this generation, and I have to say it’s a huge leap forward not only in the series but also in the genre.

Plot: The story starts off where we last left it, with the dynamic duo still separated, and a galaxy helplessly in danger after Dr. Nefarious decides to get his hands on the great clock, to manipulate the past to rule the universe. The great clock is being taken care of by Clank who is left with the responsibility of keeping time protected and learning to use the great clock’s power to his advantage. To keep it simple Ratchet and Clank are in a Race against time to bring down Dr. Nefarious and protect the Great clock and try to rejoin in the process.

Audio and Video Quality: This game is a visual masterpiece when compared to other platformers, throughout the game I didn’t see any glitches or screen tearing. The environments are large and the texture and lighting complete the game’s beauty. The audio quality matches the graphics, when compared to games in the same genre. Something else I must add is the score (soundtrack) of the game, it is, to say the least, brilliant; you don’t find this type of track list for a platform game.

Game-play: Controls are the same as its predecessors, a few abilities have been added, but they still revolve around the same concept and mechanics. What I didn’t expect is the immersive space travel mini games and the added weaponry and upgrade to the ship. I could stop playing the mini games one after the other before getting every trophy and achievement on the list. A new introduction the this series was the upgrading and modification of the weapons, Every single weapons can be modified in any desired manner, increasing the list of weaponry you own to match the situation you are found into. Something new I have noticed is the new levels with Clank as the main characters which brought the character in a whole new perspective, there are several mind boggling mini quests to pass the levels that can be quite hard at times but worth the trophy in the end.

Personal Impact: I must be honest, the reason why I written this review such a long time after it was released, was because I finished it a few weeks ago. When I first played it I wasn’t ‘hooked’ on the story, or the new abilities, so I left the game untouched for sometime before I found myself without games to play, and decided to give it a second chance, and I don’t regret it one bit. Give this game some time to sink it, and you’ll discover a whole new side to platform gaming.

Overall Rating: 9/10

By Matthew C.