PS4 Prototype Controller Leaked

Someone in the industry blew the lid on the Playstation 4 Controller, and went ahead and posted what is rumored to be an early prototype of the next Dualshock. As you can see in the leaked image, the shape and configuration have been kept almost the same, with the inclusion of some new tech and a beefier look. First of all the d-pad has been tweaked, and the buttons are now larger and closer together. The analog sticks received a face lift and are now convex analog sticks. We can see that the previous rumors were right, and a touchpad (similar to the back panel of the PSV) has replaced the select and start button in the center of the controller, and the PS button has been shrinked and moved downwards. Just above the PS button we can see the implementation of a speaker in the controller, and above the touchpad we can now see the integration of the move sensor. To the left of the touchpad there is a new tiny button which doesn't have any markings, and we can only assume that it is the famous Share button which we discussed during the last podcast or a Move Calibration button. The shoulder buttons seem meatier, which might indicate that they are now spring loaded like the 360 Controller. The image pans out to what was earlier rumored from internal sources at SCE, and seems to be legit, but at such an early stage this can only be described as a prototype controller which will most definitely change by the time the console hits the shelves, just like the boomerang controller for the PS3 which was replaced with the SixAxis controller as they approached the launch date. Sony have opted not to comment on this leak and the speculation.