PS4 Eye Tech Demo

SCE announced earlier this week that the new Playstation Eye will not be bundled with the Playstation 4, and will be instead sold separately for $59. But why should Playstation 4 users opt to buy this peripheral? What are its capabilities and advantages of buying one? Well these answers are explained in the tech demo SCE released, titled, The Playroom.

The Playroom Demonstration shows off the key capabilities of the Eye in conjunction with the integration of the Dual Shock 4. Just like the previous generations of the Playstation Eye, Augmented Reality plays a very important role, and we can clearly see that the new tech allows better tracking and interaction with the user. The newly introduced touch pad on the Dual Shock 4 is also shown off during this demo alongside the more refined SixAxis which is more reactive and more sensitive thanks to the built in Eye sensor bar.