PS3 Move Sharp Shooter Review

Through history, we have seen a lot of brands trying to simulate the feel of a gun, and try to amalgamate that feel with the gaming experience, but as we know, this generation has brought none of this, except for the G-Con from Namco to use with Time Crises, but we try to forget that ever happened. Sony saw a possibility with Guerilla’s latest FPS, and saw an opportunity to turn the PS Move into a hard core addition to the title.

Specs: The Sharshooter is purchased stand alone, without the game or the controllers. There is a variable shoulder stand at the back, and lock/unlock buttons for the controller docks. All buttons found on the controller are found laid out between both sides of the gun, and in addition to those there is a pump action reload, a magazine-style reload and a secondary trigger that links to the Move button.

Quality: Well when it comes to peripherals, Sony surely take pride in what they are doing. The Sharshooter is assambled in high quality plastic, with stainless steel screws just like their dualshock controllers. The buttons are not flimsy at all, they have that heavy duty feel like the dualshock controller buttons, even the the pump action releader, its balanced and stirdy.

Game-play: The move is an accurate piece of enginery, but First person shooters games require a 100% accuracy, which it isn’t. It doesn’t matter how good the calibration is, during gameplay you will move and that half an inch you move will eventually ruin all your previous calibrations.

Personal Impact: The sharp shooter on paper is awesome, it’s the only peripheral that could have improved the gaming experience of Killzone 3, but in reality it’s not, in fact I think it wasn’t created with hard core gamers in mind, for the simple reason that it is too tiring. When you walk in the game you need to point the sharpshooter at the screen, so even when you’re not in battle you need to point the gun at the TV, so you can’t put it down to rest, unless there is a cut scene. So if you’re like me, and you like to play for a whole night, just to get a missing hidden trophy, forget it, cause you will only be able to play for 20 minutes before you pass out.

Overall Rating: 6/10

By Matthew C.