PS3 Mouse and keyboard

Gaming peripheral manufacturer Hori will be releasing an officially licensed mouse and keyboard set for the PS3 which will go by the name the Tactical Assault Commander 3. This peripheral will consist of an optical mouse and a minimalistic keyboard (or rather a keypad) with WASD-style keys. The set also comes with a D-Pad, PS home button, and a palm rest on the Keyboard, and a DPI/Sensitivity toggle on the mouse. The capabilities of this mouse are still unclear since prototypes have not been issued to the press, but matching the performance of proper gaming mice is doubtful. SCE have yet to confirm the titles which will be compatible with the device, and they have not confirmed any plans to release a patch to support this peripheral for titles such as Killzone, SOCOM, and Resistance. Sony can penetrate the FPS market strategically with this peripheral yet they haven't really released any kind of information regarding compatibility and support even though we are closing in on it's November launch.